About The Vibrant Edge

The Vibrant Edge is a consulting company offering development opportunities for organisations and individuals. We work with you to discover your priorities and objectives. Our team is passionate about developing people and organisations through our dedicated training programs, coaching and mentoring sessions. The focus in workshops, seminars or individual sessions is delivering the objective for you, the client, and at the same time having an enjoyable, fun experience to enhance the learning process. We work in the corporate area and specialise in developing teams and individuals and we are also focused on developing young athletes through our Speak Up For Sport program.

Our areas of focus are:
  • Professional Development – we can assist you with your training programs to develop you as an individual or to develop your team. If the program is not mentioned on our website, please contact us so that we can design something to suit your needs.
  • Coaching – whether it is business coaching, individual coaching or life coaching, we can assist you to improve your business, your individual skills or help you to achieve your life goals.
  • Consulting – we are keen to add value to your business by sharing our expertise to help you to develop your organisation or individuals.
  • Emergenetics – we can offer a full range of Emergenetics services including ESP (Emergenetics Selection Program), the Emergenetics thinking and behaviour profile and the Meeting of the Minds Workshop along with the Power of We workshops and tailored workshops to suit your needs.
  • Speak Up For Sport – Young athletes are our focus and offering them the opportunity to become more professional in their sporting career. The program will help them on their road to success in their chosen field of sport.