How many people have a fear of speaking in front of an audience?Perhaps you lack confidence in speaking in a meeting, in an appointment or when speaking to other people!


Would you like to know how to tell an audience or an individual about your business in just 30 secs?

Have you ever had to present a speech and had no idea where to start?


Would you like to change any of these things to make your life easier?

Hopefully the answer is YES. So many people never learned the skills of speaking (or perhaps didn’t like speaking) and we now find ourselves in a situation where we need to learn those skills. Perhaps you have your own business or your job requires you to speak to people or network with people. You may have been asked to speak at a wedding or a party.


We have designed a program specifically for individuals to help you with your speaking skills. This is how we can help you or your team.

Speak Up For Success – The Benefits

Learn how to:

  • Feel more at ease in front of an audience
  • Beat those nerves and become more confident
  • Prepare any speech (30 sec introduction, client meeting or a longer speech) in a quick easy way
  • Present a speech the audience will enjoy listening to
  • Dress for success to impress your audience
  • Enjoy public speaking


Testimonial from Lisa Lee – Russell Mineral Equipment, Toowoomba. Australia

“Terrific, I gained a lot of practical techniques which will build my self-confidence”

Who can participate in Speak Up For Success?

The program is open to anyone who would like to improve their confidence level in speaking to individuals, speaking to clients in a meeting or speaking to an audience.

Speak Up For Success – a brief history

Speak Up For Success was designed by Karen Smythe (The Vibrant Edge) and started at the request of the sponsors of Sports Darling Downs. Speak Up For Sport was very successful for young athletes and a program was designed specifically for businesses or individuals who want to learn how to represent themselves or their businesses more effectively.


Testimonial from Ingrid Moffatt – IMCHR & Recruitment, Toowoomba.

“This course has prompted me to prepare, pause and slow down when conducting presentations.”

I’m sure you know these skills are so important for you or your staff members.

Contact Karen now to discuss a session for yourself or for your team.

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